The LS427 7-Day Build
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NOTE: The 7-Day Build Program was meant to prove to everyone how much easier our newly revised LS427 kit is to assemble than the rest.  After 5 years of traveling the country & building countless kits in customer's garages in 7 days or less, we feel that point was made.  This program is presently unavailable.  We're proud to say that our kits have the highest & quickest completion rate in the industry.  There are several factors that make this possible.  Please give us a call so that we can share them with you.

                                                                            -Brian Alexander -Owner/CEO

Kit Car News

Build your LS427 in your garage in only 7 days using our builder and his tools! 

Here’s how it works:
Customer purchases a complete Deluxe LS427 kit.

  • Customer, with aid of experienced Lone Star representative will make sure via phone that all parts necessary to complete vehicle are accounted for (Customer provided or purchased from LSC).
  • Customer hires LSC Certified Builder to deliver his or her kit to their home at a competitive discounted shipping rate of ($1.50/mile one way) reg.$1.80/mile.
  • Customer will assist the Certified Builder in assembling their LS427 in 7 days!

LSC Certified Builder will bring ALL necessary tools such as complete rolling tool cabinet & more. Some sub assemblies will be performed on your kit such as suspension items at LSC prior to delivery.  Customer will not be responsible for room & board of the builder. He will take care of himself.

Installation of optional accessories, i.e. heat/air conditioning, oil coolers, tops, PS sided roll bars, nose shrouds, radio boxes, etc. will be at builder’s discretion.  Upgraded items however, do not apply to this and will be installed during the 7 days. **ROUSH upgrade can be included in the build and will not affect the timeline.     
Customer responsibilities:

  1. Allow 7 full days of personal assistance of at least one person & provide space to build, such as at least a one car garage.
  2. Customer is responsible for making sure engine is complete and ready to start.  Builder will start motor if wiring & fuel are all that is required.  Wiring of electronic fuel injection (EFI) is not included due to time. 
  3. By the end of the week vehicle will be ready to go to the paint shop which is the sole responsibility of the customer.

At the point the builder leaves, the customer should have already test driven his/her LS427 with only paint, carpeting, and side vent louver installation left.

You will drive your LS427 within 7 days of receiving it.  This is a terrific learning experience for a novice builder and a good reason to further your son or daughter’s automotive experience!   

It's easy to see that this is an investment of your time and money.  It’s quick, painless, and most importantly fun! 

**Please Note:  This offer is good for the minimal purchase of an LS427 Deluxe Kit ($18,995).  If you do not require the builder’s assistance to install the engine, transmission, & related items, time should be available for optional accessories to be installed during these 7 days if purchased.  If only the deluxe kit is purchased the builder will be able to assemble your Deluxe LS427 kit in less than 7 days.

The LS427 7-Day Build Program

Kit Car News

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Kit Car News

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Vacation Home Build Cobra

The LS427 7-Day Build Program


The LS427 7-Day Build Program 2006-2011 Build Testimonials

Dear Lone Star Classics,

Well, what started out as a bunch of parts a week ago is now a dream car sitting in my garage. This last week has kind of been a blur but I am slowly recovering. One lap around the block tends to bring you back to reality!

I would like to start off by saying that I think that the Vacation home build is an incredible program. I do not think it could have gone any better and it was an experience that I will never forget. I actually got to build my car and drive it on day seven. I was apprehensive at first, but the end result was a new friend, an AWESOME car and a lot of knowledge. One of my biggest fears with building a car in seven days was that the car would be thrown together with no attention to detail. Nothing could be farther from the truth. From Loctite on every fitting, to the custom made AN fuel lines, the car was put together with the utmost attention to detail. Joel allowed us to work at our own pace. I have to thank my good friend Russell for putting in countless hours on the build. His hard work was paramount to how well the car turned out.

We actually finished the car on the afternoon of day six. I only made it to the corner before I got my first thumbs up from a neighbor. I don’t know if the thumb was for the car or the big ass grin on my face. The day would not have been complete without Russell and me seeing what it could do. We found out it can do a lot.

I am still amazed at how many people stopped in the garage to see this car and to just hang out. These cars really are attention getters. I would like to thank Joel for his outstanding work and guidance. He is a true professional. I would also like to thank Brian for the improvements at LSC. The new Wilwood pedals and complete powder coating of metal parts were really a nice touch. If anyone has any questions on the home build I would be happy to answer them. I now know I made the right choice when I chose LSC!


Scott S.
Mandeville, LA

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To: The Lone Star Classic Team
          Brian, Joel, Michel, Seth, and Erica

From: John (Jackie) F.   (LS427 owner)
          Paula N.               (other owner, supervisor)
          Andy & Vicki L.  (Close friends)
          Lawson L.            (Young Gun)

Just imagine the challenge Lone Star faced when we asked to buy an LS427 in Pasadena, Texas, but build it 250 miles away at a friend’s house in the vacation capitol of the south, Fort Worth, Texas.  After all, it is called a Vacation Home Build. 

Schedules were changing on a daily basis with engine complications, and the only firm date was the wedding we had to be at on Day 8 in Galveston, 275 miles back towards Houston. Brian would just lean back in his chair, smile and say, “We can do that”…..and they did it. 

We want to thank Brian and Joel for turning the dream of building a Cobra into a reality in 7 days.  This project would have otherwise taken us years to complete. 

If you are considering making your dream come true with your own Cobra,  then I highly recommend the 7-day build.  Complicate it any way you want, Lone Star Classics can make it happen.  You get the satisfaction of building your own car and knowing every inch of it, coupled with the knowledge that it is a quality product guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and wind through your hair at a record-setting pace.

Things Joel may never want to hear again:
          Ain’t nutin for a stepper!
          Joel, want some more fruit on a stick?
          Come back Joel, the dog doesn’t bite!
          The screw I dropped fell into oblivion!!!?  

Jackie F.

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Jody O.   Waco, TX
        Roush #1

Dear Lone Star Team,

The Vacation Home Build for LS #424 Roush 01 was completed on Sunday, September 2. Sorry I haven't written sooner, but I have been spending most of my time driving my new GOBRA and getting the smile off my face.

My 15 year old grandson and I went to Ft. Worth for three days to assist in putting the rolling chassis together on August 23rd - 25th. Joel then delivered it to the Snake Pit in Waco on Monday the 27th for the start of the Vacation Home Build. After an intense week, and in spite of our help, the Roush 427 SR fired off when we touched the ignition switch on day 7.

During the week, Joel performed his magic.  I can't say enough about Joel's expertise and professionalism. He took a lot of time with explanations for my grandson as well as keeping me focused on the task and helping find the lost wrenches. Thanks Joel!

The Home Build was underestimated by me but I believe is the only way to go if you want to get the car completed in a short period of time with few complications. After starting the car and tightening up a gas line, radiator hose, and oil pan drain, I have done nothing but refuel and drive. I now have over 600 miles on the car and what my wife Nancy says is a permanent grin on my face.

The current LS427 contains modifications which correct most of the concerns I have seen addressed on the LS forum over course of the past year. Those that have not been corrected I understand are currently under study by the LSC staff to be positive future modifications.

These actions are some of the reasons I chose Lone Star Classics. Of course having what I believe is the best product on the market for the money and certainly for me the availability of the Home Build and the numbered Roush models all contributed to my decision to purchase the LS427.

The GOBRA went on its first road trip yesterday when we drove to pick up the paint sample panels. The 180 mile round trip was completed with no problems

Sincere thanks again to the LSC staff and the members of the LS forum for your past actions.


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What a blast!  My Vacation Home Build was one of the greatest experiences ever!  I’m a car enthusiast who has longed for a Cobra in my garage for decades.  However, I had no experience building a car.  While I don’t mind performing the occasional automotive maintenance, I’ve never considered myself a mechanic who could fine tune a race car or build a car from scratch.  Additionally, I knew this project would take an enormous amount of time, and I wanted to drive it before I retired.  So, when I read about the new program Lone Star was offering, I decided to go for it, and I called to schedule my Vacation Home Build.  I was more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve, but a bit apprehensive as well. Thankfully, Joel was there to guide me thru the whole process.  With his expertise, my role was to do what he asked me to do, learn, and have lots of fun.  I learned more in those 6 days than I could have ever imagined.  Who would have thought on day one with the body sitting in my front yard that on day 6, I would drive the fully assembled car around the block.  It’s a far cry from my friends who have spent as many as 7 years building theirs.  If you’ve always dreamed of owning a Cobra, then the best way is through the Lone Star Vacation Home Build Program. Now, the only decision left is what color to paint it and I’ll be good to go.

Rich B.
North Carolina



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We finished building our Lone Star Classics LS427 recently using the Vacation Home Build program.  It was the best!  The car builder, Joel, was absolutely wonderful.  He had the patience of a saint, and he kept us as busy as we wanted to be, and always allowed us to take as long as needed on the jobs we were doing, while making sure we weren't falling behind schedule.  This program is ideal for anyone who doesn't have the time, the tools, the knowledge, or the patience to attempt to build a Cobra on their own.  My son and I built our LS427 during my son's spring break from high school, and had a great time every step of the way.  It was really exciting when the engine fired up for the first time, and maybe more so when we drove it down our street 6 days later!  What a special feeling to know we built this car ourselves.  On a job interview last week my son was asked "What was the most exciting thing you've done in the last 3 years?", and he quickly answered it was building the Cobra!  I'd recommend the Vacation Home Build to everyone considering building their own Cobra.  Where else can you build your own car at your own home with your friends and family?  Thank you for coming up with such a great program, the experience was priceless!  

Darin M.
Mission Viejo, Ca. 


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Lone Star Classics Customer Testimonials

Dear Brian,

We would like to extend our thanks to you for the past 8 years of excellent service you’ve provided us.  We purchased our Lone Star Classic LS427 from you in July of of your first sales!  You were so helpful through every step of the process:  creating a custom engine, building the car, answering our hundreds of phone calls, and finally delivery.  It was a blast driving it back from Texas to Michigan.  There were a lot of admirers along the way.  (Especially every time we stopped for gas.)  We learned quickly that the car gave us a sort of “celebrity status”.  It certainly is a beauty!

Over the next 8 years, we spent many sunny days enjoying our LS427.  We often cruised with fellow Cobra owners causing an instant parade wherever we went.  There were trips around the state, a cruise to Ohio to meet with 300 other Cobra enthusiasts, and also a weekend driving through the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina.  It was always an adventure.

As of Spring 2007, we have sold our car.  Our interests & hobbies have changed and we’re moving on.  You have not lost a customer, it’s just that we don’t own a Lone Star Classic at this time.  We’ll miss the Cobra, but we’re left with so many great memories.  We feel we’ve passed it on to someone who will get a chance to experience all that we did in such a fine car.  It was built to be driven, and what a ride it was!

Thanks for everything Brian!
Marty & Lisa Grennier


Dear Lone Star Classics,

Everyone at Lone Star has been very supportive with great guidance and great assistance when I called in.   My son James and I built it together and even my wife Marilyn decided to join in.  We are excited with the overall quality and performance of our LS427.  We really enjoyed using all new parts vs. searching for donor parts.  The build gave me satisfaction of putting my own car together and gave my son and me a fun chance to bond. 

Thanks for everything,

Roy, Marilyn, & James Brehm
Spring, TX


Dear Lone Star Classics,

I have been having a blast cruising with the local hot rodders and weekend drives in the mountain countryside.  Your staff has been fantastic both by phone and in person, Execs to Worker Bees!  The completeness of the Lone Star kit was big plus.  Brenda, (my wife) is a good engine builder who did a great job and both of us are very happy with the finished product.  Keep up the good work.  I am proud to be a Lone Star owner and have nothing but positive comments to anyone who asks. 

Outrageous!  Proud to own & drive!

Yours Truly,
David Bunning
Rock Springs, WY






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