The LS427 Chassis
The Lone Star LS427 frame is constructed of 2" x 4" rectangular steel tube, with x-bracing for extra torsional strength and rigidity. We deliver your LS427 frame to you complete with front and rear suspension mounts, engine mounts to your specifications (Ford or Chevy V8) and universal transmission mounting bracket. You also get a heavy-duty cowl reinforcement superstructure, radiator mounting bracket, and driveshaft safety shield.

The LS chassis employs custom-engineered, unequal-length tubular-steel front upper and lower control arms and coil-overs in the front, and 4-bar link and Panhard rod and coil-overs in the rear. The standard LS427 package also includes universal mounting brackets for your rear end, a custom, 17-gallon (60.5 liter) fuel tank with sending unit, and a comprehensive, fully-illustrated manual. With the LS 427, you needn't spend an extra dime to obtain sophisticated chassis componentry... it comes included for you at no extra charge.

The LS427 Body

Lone Star uses Vinyl Ester resins, in a hand-laid tri-axial pattern. Most replica bodies are made of Polyester fiberglass, a prehistoric form of fiberglass used in the early Corvettes. Vinyl Ester resin is stronger, less likely to delaminate, more flexible, lighter, and resists the blistering that poly resins are prone to. Lone Star Classics pioneered Vinyl Ester composite into the automotive industry. Vinyl Ester has almost double the heat tolerance, which means your paint job will never have ripples, spider cracks, or surprise bubbles. These problems are common on Polyester based fiberglass around engine and exhaust areas. Your paint will last a great deal longer with Vinyl Ester. Our customer's cars still look brand new after having been exposed to fourteen plus years of Texas's triple digit temperatures.

The LS427 Interior

The Lone Star LS427 interior was designed to accommodate the six-foot-plus (1.8 meter+) tall driver. It features a custom dashboard with full VDO instrumentation, cut pile carpeting, door panels and hand-stitched seats that provide excellent lumbar and lateral support. Steel-reinforced doors are provided for your safety.

The Lone Star Difference
Lone Star is dedicated to delivering to you an unsurpassed automotive experience... the kit car industry is becoming more competitive, and as a consumer you're the one to benefit. There are several companies offering quality products and conducting business with honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, there are also a few companies that are less than forthright in their dealings with their customers.For more information, please fill out our information request form, and Lone Star Classics will be more than happy to send you a free info packet.

DISCLAIMER: Lone Star Classics produces the LS427 and does not refer to their vehicle as a "Cobra", “Shelby Cobra” or “Ford Cobra”. When you purchase an LS427, you are not purchasing a replica of Carroll Shelby's original car, but are purchasing an original vehicle with specifications that differ from the original car. Our reference to "Cobra replicas" is strictly a description based upon our perception on which car the LS427 most closely resembles.


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